Upcoming Screenings of Lost in Lebanon


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5th December, Geneva, Switzerland IOM Global Migration Film Festival

6th December, Vienna, Austria 'This Human World' - International Human Rights Film Festival

8th December, Ankara, Turkey - 7th Edition of 'Eu Human Rights Film Days'

9th December, Istanbul, Turkey - 7th Edition of 'EU Human Rights Film Days'

12th December, San Salvador, El Salvador - IOM Global Migration Film Festival

16th December, India - IOM Global Migration Film Festival

16th December, Brussels, Belgium - Let's Art Festival

18th December, Paris, France - IOM Migration Film Festival

18th December, Talinn, Estonia - IOM Global Migration Film Festival

20th December, Tegucigalpa, Honduras - IOM Global Migration Film Festival

2nd February, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Human Rights Watch Film Festival

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Screening of Lost in Lebanon with our partner Chatham House. Panel discussion Dr Neil Quilliam and Haid Haid

Screening Room: Lost in Lebanon
25 Apr 2017 - 18:00 to 19:30
Chatham House, London

Sophia Scott, Director, Lost in Lebanon 
Georgia Scott, Director, Lost in Lebanon
Haid Haid, Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House
Dr Neil Quilliam, Senior Research Fellow; Project Director, Syria and Its Neighbours Policy Initiative, Chatham House





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