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Georgia is an experienced producer, director and editor. Her first documentary film, set in Kenya explored the threats facing a unique Swahili community on Lamu Island on the border with Somalia. Georgia graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Production Design from the University of the Arts, London in 2011. She went on to manage a product design company before setting up GroundTruth Productions with Sophia in 2012 and has since travelled across Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East making documentary films.  



Sophia is an experienced producer, director and cinematographer and has worked extensively as a self shooting camerawoman across the globe on projects for the BBC, UN, PBS, CBC, The New York Times and Human Rights Watch among others. After completing a foundation year at the European Film College in Denmark in 2002 she went on to study Documentary Film and Television graduating with a BA (Hons ) from the International Film School of Wales before moving to Kenya where she spent the first 6 years of her film career.

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Who we work with

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Umair Saeed

Umair has been working to install determination and discipline into the lives of young children growing up in tough environments and provides mentoring for ex-offenders looking to use entrepreneurship as a method of progression following prison time. He has worked and provided research for many Muslim organisations based in the UK in the hope of tackling Extremism and Islamophobia. In 2012 he set up a debate club in order to bring together voices from within the British Muslim community to discuss pressing issues and current affairs. Umair is now focusing on making documentaries. 

Obi Igbo

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Obi is an accomplished photographer, cinematographer and editor who has honed his skills, over the past decade, as a Military Photographer for the British Army. His experience and style has led him to the world of documentary film making where he has travelled extensively world-wide and created pieces on a variety of subjects, from armed conflicts to music and fashion. In his career he has filmed pieces for the BBC, ITV and Sky news networks as well as working on a Channel 4 documentary covering the end of the War in Afghanistan.

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